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My The Zack Files DVD review

Yay! My DVD came the other day - I still haven't gotten around to watching it all, I haven't really watched a full episode but have seen parts. Anyway I thought I'd share with you what I think ..

To start of with, it's at a great price. I must say for a three DVD set it is at a very good price. I think the worst part is with overseas TV show DVDs I've noticed that they don't put much money into the overall look of the DVD cases. The cases are a little plain and they are black, unlike the easier to open clear ones. But they have put images in the jackets with little captions. It's not bad packaging just not the best. It comes in a big box set which, to me, looked like a computer game, haha. The outside box is good. It has a lot of pictures and good info and all the regular junk you want.

So it has all the first season episodes which itself is just amazing - such a great show.
The special features are just WONDERFUL! They have a bunch of trailers from other unrelated things but if you don't want to watch them just don't click on trailers, simple. It also includes a photo gallery which is great. It has many photos that I've never seen before including some very nice single shots. It has a character log which is just QnA with the cast and I know that it's old because the cast have gone up a long time since then but it's okay - an interesting read. The BEST thing is the behind the scenes. It's not too long but it's very cute. Michael - Spencer - is the funniest. He's pretty much the host and he takes you around the set and goes behind the scenes with the props people. Katie - who plays Gwen - also shows you into her trailer. She's very nice. I liked her interview. And then it's pretty much just QnA with the other cast while they are on set. It is very interesting but it is very very old because it was filmed so many years ago. But like I said, it's enjoyable and so worth watching. Oh and also when they are talking they also have a bunch of clips of second season episodes - some I hadn't seen which was great - so you get to see a bit of season two too which I thought was a nice feature. It also features the Cam/Gwen kiss so I can get screencaps ^__^

And, like most DVDs, has an animated chapter selections which are just Zack Files with the info written on it but it's easy to understand and looks nice.
All up it's great. I love every single thing about it. I say it's well worth buying. If you have any questions feel free to ask  ^__^

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