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Zack Files Icons

I finally got around to making some icons ... I plan to make more so sit tight and hopefully they won't take too long, especially if you guys like them  ^__^  Holidays are coming up after all, yay!



 1  2  3  4  5  6


7  8  9


10  11  12




14   15  16   17  18    19  20 21

 I realise the irony that Spencer is my favourite character and there's no Spencer icons. The screencaps are by me and were only found a few episodes and also the behind the scenes scenes from season two.

brushes, textures and light textures by teh_indy, 77words, photoshopranger, animatronicons, spaceyme, franken_stein , audibleicon, bunny_icons , pekeana , hisatomi, celestialpearl, artistbynight, ohpaintbrush, hermintage , inxsomniaxwound3d, outside_icons , pixel_pip  and deliciousmelody

Any feedback would be lovely - I'm a beginner at making icons. Please credit misguided_roses  if you use and please no hotlinking. Hope you like them!

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Deleted comment

thankyou very much! I'm glad you like them :)
MAllory sweetie .. they're amazing!!! YAY!! I love'em all .. the colors are wonderful .. I wonder why u don't make too many icons .. keep up the great work sweetie :)

Luv ya :)
Aww thanks, that means a lot to me :) I don't make too many just because I enjoy making layouts better, hence why I have a layout journal instead, hehe. Besides there are sooooooooo many good icon makers out there *coughyoucough* that I wouldn't want that kind of competiton. I usually just make them for friends or when I feel like it .. or for my lovely ZF community. I love this community.

Wow that was a huge explanation, hehe. Thankyou though. I appreciate it :)
You make layouts? wow that's really cool!! so what's the community's name? maybe I'll join there .. you know me I'm a change freak :) I love to change layouts every now and then .. and I'd be really honored to use one of urs ;) so since u make layouts can I ask you something? u see I wanna get rid of the gap betwteen the header and the entry boxes .. I think it has something to do with the margin-top thingy right? but I can't seem to make it work ... so could u help me with it? :)

I understand if u can't :)

But sweetie I'd love to see more of ur lovely work .. and don't worry u're not getting in any kinda competition ... your style is soo different and soo cute .. plus u make animations .. I don't :)

TC sweetie :)
well we make headers and full page background layouts, we don't actually make the codes. Codes would take too long. It's called Pinstripe___ it's linked in my journal :) And you are welcome to post headers there if you like. I'd love to make you part of the team - it's up to you, of course. No worries if you say no.

Sorry I can't help you with your layout. I have no idea ... sorry :( I really only know the codes I work with. At the moment it's Opal, even though I've used generator and component before I seem to have even forgotten that knowledge ... so forgetful!

Aww thanks. That means a lot to me :) I'd call my style simple.
Cool I'd be happy to join sweetie I love making headers.. I'll go join right now :)

Thank you sweetie .. and that's okay about the codes thing it's really a pian in ass to understand I just kinda covered the basics :)

Opal? it's a s2 style right? I was thinking of learning that kinda stuff .. but u're an expert in that area I may user ur help for later :)

You're style is very artistic I really love it :)

TC sweetie :)
Yay! Do you want me to set you to be allowed to post? You make nice headers so I thought I'd make sure that that is what you wanted.

I know. Codes suck. They are so hard to understand.

Yes that's correct. That's fine. Ask away if you need help and I'll try to help out as best I can :D

Aww shucks :D
Oh, yay! It's about time someone made Gwen/Cam icons!
I know, right? About time! Cam/Gwen = love.


September 13 2005, 23:31:19 UTC 11 years ago

Lovely icons Mal! Not taking any though.
Lovely icons Mal! Not taking any though.
I love the Cam Gwen icon!