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Zack Files Story

As requested an interactive story-type-thing where all members can add details. It's just taken me a while to get around to it.

Some simple rules;
- Please only post a paragraph or two. Nothing too long.
- No swearing or slang (except in speech)
- Keep it clean. PG, nothing that they wouldn't show on the show.
- Please write in different styles so if someone writes a certain way you may change the style to how you write. Just keeping on track of the story.
- I'll add more if we have problems.

The Beginning:

Zack rubbed his eyes as the light peering through his window awoke him from his sleep. Unsure of what the day would bring him today, he got out of bed and put on his clothes, before heading into the kitchen. He opened a box of cereal and ate it down fast. Zack was in a hurry. He was meeting Cam and Spencer outside of school this morning - earlier than usual - because Spencer had something special to show them. Zack had no idea what to expect but knew it had to do with the zack files, zack or science in general.
He finished eating, ran to his room to get his science experiment that was due today, and ran out the door.

Continue ...

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