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WELCOME to the Zack Files fan community! If you haven't guessed already, the community is made for lovers of the tv series and/or books - and the talented cast and crew behind it!

Just some general and simple rules :
1. Please stick to the topic! This includes - episodes, cast, new projects for the cast or production or writer, Dan Greenberg etc.
2. Pictures are most welcome and enjoyed! But if they are really large or there's more than one please keep them under the LJ-Cut
3. Icons, Banners, Layouts etc. are welcome also - keep under the cut - and do not steal from others. Tell them if you are taking it! Keep to their terms of use.
4. Advertisting is allowed!
5. Please keep the language clean - children may visit
6. Members are incouraged to introduce themselves!

Thankyou and have fun!

- Mallory misguided_roses

Credits : The header by misguided_roses. The default avatar was a gift from onlywaymyheart.


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